FAQ’s: aka all things straw

What are Raw straws made from?

Raw Straws are made from natural wheat stems, a by-product of wheat production. Coming straight from the field the only modification they go through is snipping (from the roots in the ground), hand stripping of the outer layer, and heat to remove any nasties. That’s it!

We believe in leaving our product as nature intended and this commitment means the final product is literally a dried plant stem. So when you’ve slurped down a cocktail and have nothing but a straw left, you can walk to your nearest garden bed and pop it in with the plants. Raw Straws will break down naturally in a couple of weeks with zero intervention, just let mother nature do her thing.

It doesn’t get much more simple than that.


We are proud to report that Raw Straws don’t go soggy! We have left them in liquid for several days (yes, days) and they were still usable afterwards. No flavour seeping reported either.

But nothing is perfect - they are not bendy like straws, so they won’t be appropriate for the elderly or those with conditions that require a flexible straw. For those occasions we would recommend a reusable silicone straws like this.

As they come straight from the field Raw Straws do vary in width - the range is between 3-8mm - it’s luck of the draw and every box will have a variation. What we usually recommend is that the skinny straws are snipped in half and both ends are popped into a (pulp-free) cocktail.

if they are made from wheat stems, does that mean they have gluten?

No. While Raw Straws are made from the stem of the wheat plant, the gluten enzyme is extracted along with the grain. The remaining husks have been tested in a lab and certified as containing no gluten and safe for those with allergies.

In saying this, they are not intended to be ingested so please save the hay-chewing for the cowboys and barnyard animals.

What about not using straws at all?

The Next Sip was created with an aim to reduce plastic waste, we truly believe that the best solution is no straw at all, but there are times (and drinks) which are just not consumed as easily without. Raw Straws were created as a solution for these scenarios.

Why are plastic straws so bad for the environment?

Single-use plastic is a particularly nasty form of plastic. These items have a shockingly short lifespan, normally used once and then discarded to landfill. Like other plastics, they never biodegrade and take hundreds of years to break down. Even once broken down they still continue to exist as micro-plastics which seep into our food chain.

In Australia alone, 10 million straws are used every single day. We use straws for around twenty minutes before we toss them away, which is an astonishingly quick lifespan for an item that will be on the planet forever. Straws also contain BPA, and can't be recycled.

While straws are just one item in a literal ocean of waste we believe that tiny steps can lead a revolution, where better to start than here?

What sizes are available?

Raw Straws come in two lengths, standard are 20cm, cocktail is 15cm.

In terms of width, straws vary from approximately 3-5mm. The reason for this is they come in their original form, direct from the earth, so it really comes down to nature.

For this reason we don’t recommend Raw Straws for smoothies, they just aren’t wide enough (but we are working on a solution that will be! Watch this space…)

Shipping & Packaging 

We believe in practicing what we preach, which is why our straws come in recycled paper card packaging and are shipped using earth-conscious delivery suppliers, Sendle in compostable packaging by The Better Packaging Co.

Find out more about our eco-delivery and estimated shipping times on our delivery page

i’m sold! i run a venue or business that would like to buy in bulk. Do you offer wholesale? 

Yes! We offer pricing for bulk business orders which is reflected on our “Shop” section.

Please get in touch via the contact us page to receive subscription pricing and further information.

Have more questions? Get in touch and we’d be stoked to hear from you. You’d be surprised how excited we get to talk about straws.

(yeah. we’re pretty fun at parties)